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This site is intended for the private use of the students of Government Indian High School starting from the year 1930, the Duke of Gloucester School and now named the Jamhuri High School to the year 1970. (Collectively addressed as Alumni) We do not gather or collect any informatiom with the purpose of selling it or otherwise profiting from its assembly.

This website was designed so that all past students of this fine School that have had different names over the years could participate and receive information, and it is independent of the school and school district. Any information that you provide on this site is kept private. We do not release or sell any information to outside sources. The information contained in this website being so intended only for the class of alumni persons thus identified are so privileged and solicited, anyone else proceeding to read further should regard such as unwanted eavesdropping and any information gleaned herefrom you do so at your own risk as unauthorized and tantamount to legal trespass.


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Moreover, Management reserves the right to revoke the membership of any alumna or alumnus deemed by it to violate the above understanding.

Editorial oversight is reserved for all submitted materials. The following will serve as a guide for editorial considerations to be taken into account. All profiles will be reviewed before they are posted, and materials edited for space considerations; furthermore, no offensive, obscene or otherwise distasteful, not to mention illegal, materials will be permitted to be posted. Only bona fide alumni of the Government Indian High SchooI, Duke of Gloucester and Jamhuri High will have a right (if not abused in the eyes of the management) to be members of this Internet forum. Photos considered similarly unacceptable by the mangement will not be posted. Unless stated otherwise, any submissions by alumni impliedly waives any rights of privacy and managment reserves the right to ask for such waiver in writing as a condition to accepting such material.

Moreover, the management will take whatever action it deems proper to ensure that no one uses the said forum for monetary gain without its prior written approval.

The purpose of this website is for said alumni to share news and views; make contact with other alumni; and to arrange meetings to celebrate our school communion. The management neither guarantees access to posting nor warrants the accuracy of any content or the express or implied endorsement of any views expressed by any alumni jointly or severally.

While providing a vehicle for communication, our founding aim will be to further the interests of said school (named differently in its history, as stated above); it being understood that the strength of an institution is rooted in its past, and its well being and future needs must draw from that foundation. In this, a central focus will be celebrating the contribution our teachers -- past, present and future -- who inculcate the values manifest in the success of their wards, the alumni.

By accepting these terms, you further acknowledge that EXDOGS57.ORG, derived from the short form of acronym of ex-students of the Duke of Gloucester School Graduating Class of 1957, is an enabling body,as such it is not a procuring body -- it aims to serve but is not responsible to obtain for you whatever you need by way of information, news, meetings of alumni and other exchanges.

Besides tidbits, chatty materials, news, and views, commentaries, thought-provoking challenging writing are all welcome -- as are photos related to the school, alumni and materials related to the surrounding Kenyan educational environment.
For further information, please send us an e-mail: contact@exdogs57.org

Alumni, please be aware that the undersigned, Suniti Mohindra, class of '57, have undertaken this task in good faith on a volunteer basis in an attempt to be instrumental in our membership class being able to reach out to one another for mutual benefit of every kind or type of nature each can creatively seek from one or more of us. That being said, I disclaim any legal responsibility presently or on an ongoing basis beyond assembling your collective feedback for the common good and welfare of fellow alumni and reserve the right at any time to discontinue this practice at my own discretion. I would hope before that might become necessary that other alumni may offer up their time and services to share in the effort of becoming similar volunteers in this effort which I deem to be noble in nature.

Wherever the words Management and Administration are used they mean Volunteer Manangement and Volunteer Administration

Suniti Mohindra
Class of 1957, Duke of Gloucester School