Letter to the Alumni

Dear Alumni,
It's difficult to recount briefly what it took to construct a GIHS-Duke-Jamhuri website; but, on a positive note, the labour of love had its own reward. So many of you have written, sent encouraging messages, even contributed pieces of fondly stored nostalgia. It'll take a while to sift through the thoughtful wealth you have placed at the disposal of your fellow alumni. But we're getting there.

Remember, though, that in order to get a complete picture, and an even distribution across the teeming years, we need more -- much more. So, please, continue to dig down memory lane! Of course, pictures tell a thousand tales; but they on their own do not history and legend make. Narrative should string together our colourful, weighty heritage. Please keep writing. We'd like the published anecdotes, notes and comments -- all of them attributed or anonymous, your choice -- not only to present a vivid picture but also to resonate with every cohort (right back from the 1920s).

Our alma mater (Nairobi's seminal Government Indian High School) was the breeding ground for much of Kenya's colourful history between the two World Wars, and the even more eventful years that followed. It produced two Chief Justices, five Queen's Counsel, 12 judges, numerous magistrates; a Supreme Court Registrar; a minister of state and assistant ministers; top doctors, eminent professors and authors, a multitude of professionals in every walk of life; very successful captains of industry and commerce, and other upright, patriotic Kenyans too numerous to categorise here. Some of Kenya's best athletes (including sportsmen) sprang from here, as well heads of international sports bodies, in African bridge -- to name one.

But, besides furthering the wellbeing of students attending our school, one of our principal aims is to pay homage to our teachers. The strength of our august body of alumni drew inordinately from one of the finest streams of teachers -- first from India and then local ones ("African, Asian and European") and from the United Kingdom. Whether one rose to prominence or quietly served humanity, we'd love gratefully to express our regard and affection for our mentors -- working tirelessly for a pittance.

Our teachers are the ones, besides our parents and numerous others, that instilled in us the values that sustain. Hence, the plethora of stories about our teachers! They, surely, helped us become better Kenyans, spouses, relatives, parents and friends.

Of course, we expect you to write to us with some urgency -- to get every school year included in our early bulletins. But, be that as it may, do two things first: WRITE BACK to kick off the registration process for the intended new Association; please, SEND WORD TO EVERYONE ASSOCIATED WITH THE OLD SCHOOL -- 1920s through the 2000s. Our motto should resonate for ever: Effort Unending.

Suniti Mohindra
Class of 1957, Duke of Gloucester School

Drafting and editing assistance by Dr. Visho Sharma, Emeritus Professor duly acknowledged.