The themes of migration, minorities, integration and identity are much discussed these days. Books, newspapers, films and television programmes in recent years have given great prominence to these topics. While these issues date back to time immemorial, they have acquired new importance in our times. Some of the reasons for the intensified interest in these phenomena include an upsurge of globalization and international migration, inter ethnic tensions and conflicts in many countries around the world, clashes of culture and the rise of fundamentalism and terrorism. Yet the discussion on these important topics is often grossly simplified and evades many difficulties and ambiguities inherent in these concepts.
By Dharam Ghai

Migration, Minorities and Integration by Dharam Ghai Alumni 1954 (Pdf File)

Dear Alumni,
Dr. Dharam Ghai's paper brings to mind the following questions, We are human first and everything else later, African, Asian, European and then broken down by countries and races What is meant by Education? is it a standard Jacket that must fit all? Is it the domain of any particular race, country or place on this earth? Is it a system for the evolution of this Human on Earth, then where does it commence and what is the goal, aim and end? Is exploitation the game? Is tickling of the senses the purpose? Is it a vaster desire to know who am I, what is life, from whence it starts and wither it goes? What is the sum essence of 100 years of a human life?

What does history teach us down the Millenniums?

What is integration in a society of diverse people mean?

These are some questions posed for discussion.

Suniti Mohindra
Class of 1957 Duke of Gloucester School