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Story Behind The Website For Gihs, Duke & Jamhuri

The evolution process for the construction of the website makes an interesting story.

The thought for a Reunion for the Class of 1957 was implanted by classmate Akber Kassim Lakha when he had returned to Kenya after doing his MBA in USA. He was then working with his wife's family who had an office near Corner Bar very close to the H.H.Aga Khan Jamat Khana on Government Road this was around late 1960's and I had just gone into Real Estate and one of my relatives Mr. Balraj Kapila wanted to sell his house in Muthaiga. I ran into Akber and we got talking and we got that house sold to a fellow from Uganda and it was due to Akber's efforts that the transaction closed successfully. I remember Tommy( Late Tommy Verjee) who was with Akber. During this time Akber brought up the subject for a re-union for the Class of 57. Well I heard him but was too engrossed to really think about it and in those days in Kenya there was not much pride or thoughts for Re-unions, the country was in transition. Kenya was in the process of getting it's Independence and the Asian community was facing the effects of having served the Colonial Masters and having been employed in the Government sector; were perceived to be a privileged class by the local African inhabitants of the land. Besides, they were also into the retail business and the Media portrayal of Asians ( Muhundi's) as Coolies,& Babus and Dukawala's had been engrained in the physce of the inhabitants of the land. "Wewe Muhundi" terminology was akin to being called names or a bad swear from the political point as well as a social point as the communities under the Colonial era had been separated and the interaction between the educated and the majority population at large was limited except for in the work force, governmental offices or manufacturing and transport sectors. Against this and later happenings that were in the early stages in Uganda etc were enough to distract the mind from thinking about Re-Union. However the seed got planted in my being.

After 50 years when I went to Calgary for a family affair where my brother in law Varinder Seth also came from London, he was a product of both Duke and Eastleigh Schools and as such we had mutual classmates amongst others there was Vijay Ghai and Dr. Narendar Karia and they both lived in Calgary well we called them up and had a small gathering at Dr. Narendar Karia's residence and it was a ball !. We had a really good time and we all four of us thought it would be good idea to try and gather our classmates scattered all over the Globe and see if we could organize a get together.

Well the seed in the psyche sprouted this was in August of 2006. It has finally taken a concrete form, a slow, sometimes frustrating incubation period that I was blessed to have the full support and encouragement from my dear Bhiku, Ram Chandarana, classmate and very dear friend since all those mischievous school days! who helped not only with his generous donations and finding the web developer in India but also provided very valuable help in the over all structuring of the expanded idea to incorporate the webpage from the beginnings of the school and introduction to many of our old Alumnus. Thank you Ram.

Suniti Mohindra
Chestnut Hill, MA USA
September 2008