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High Adventure's Lesson For School & Students

What I learnt from this Event?
The spirit of defiance of negative thoughts by Mountain Club of Kenya, sheer courage and daring by young kids with very mature heads on their shoulders, with idea of failing at nothing and in the process having great fun and learning from the university of life which very few were priveleged to have.

Standing in a snow storm on top of one of the peaks, never having seen snow before, was an experience which fills me with joy, fear admiration of the Man Above, comradeship especially when Palo and I crossed the Lewis Glacier tied to each other with ropes and depending on each other to survive the fall into the crevass. The character building machine was rife and to crown it all we survived to tell the tale.

My sons are enthralled to listen to my story. The story stimulated my younger son,Tej, to climb Mt Blanc in Europe.

Effort Unending and continuing into our future lives.

Dr. Kanwarjit Singh Panesar, FRCS, OBE September 2008
Class of 1957 Duke of Gloucester School.

This is a very unique adventure that was undertaken by the Students * of Duke of Gloucester School, against the objections of Parents and Mountain Club of Kenya in June,1959.

This is an example of the level of courage, team work and coordination instilled by the Teachers of the School; the value of fearlessnes in practical application to the school Moto "EFFORT UNENDING" An illustrious example of the many success stories in different fields achieved by the Alumni of the School that has it's beginging in 1904 when the school was started in the shanty town next to the Nairobi Railway Station on the road named after Sir George Whitehouse the General Manager and Chief Engineer responsible for the undertaking and construction of the Uganda Railway also known as the Lunatic Express that was developed by enterprising and adventure seeking Indians from India as British Subjects, with the same spirit of courage and fearlesness, who came in the period 1896 to 1930 to develop the Railway.

A Legacy that the Students carried forward and continues.

The Students of Duke of Gloucester set this example for all fellow students of their times and for those now at Jamhuri High School to truly follow the great efforts of love and patience being bestowed upon them by the current Teachers in very trying times.

The spirit of EFFORT UNENDING endures.

Current students need to know that as they are from different regions and tribal backgrounds of the population at large in Kenya attending the school the same was the case with those Indian Students during the Colonial History of Kenya. Many difficulties were encountered by the parents, different regional and communal bickerings were on going among the different sects of Indians as they came from different parts of India and to boot they had different religious persuations too and the Colonial masters did enhance these differences, however, not withstanding such differences the Students of the Alma Mater starting from Government Indian High School to Duke became an extended family forgeting the differences of their parents origins from different regions of India and became patriotic and proud members of the nation of Kenya.

All this happened because of the values, disciplines and training instilled by the beloved Teachers of the School.

May this example be followed by the current students at Jamhuri is the collective hope of the Alma Mater.

Students of Duke of Gloucester by Suniti Mohindra Class of 1957

Participating Students:
Yazdi Rustomji, Vijay Kishore Ghai, Narendra Kumar Karia, Surjit Singh Bhamra, Meharban Singh, Satyapal Singh, Kanwarjit Singh Panesar, Suresh Kapila, Rasik Shah, Jagdish Jasani, Shashikant Patel