This site is dedicated to our parents, teachers and the cause of education.
Suniti Mohindra
May 23, 2008

Picture as you enter the school

"Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela (Nobel Peace laureate)

Logo received by courtesy of Principal Mr. D William Wainaina, Jamhuri High School.

Meaning of the Logo

The knowledge contained in the book when lighted by the torch of the Teachers bursts out like the sun and gives the students the strength of the lion to roar forth fearlessly with the motto EFFORT UNENDING.

The colors have great meaning ; Green is for life; bright yellowish with a tinge of brown is the intensity of the student's desire for knowledge; the fire of the torch is the one pointed striving to learn that removes the clouds of darkness that engulfs the ignorance; the red color of the lion is the strength that this knowledge, instilled by the Teachers, runs for ever once imbibed by the student in its blood; to go forth and strive with all one's strength of mind and muscle (EFFORT UNENDING) to serve fellow humans everywhere and light from the lighted torch other torches that are unlit; with the purity, peace and love that makes one become tranquil like the color white that lies hidden behind the intensity of the flame; the lettering using black color is to show that what seems bluish- black is really not so once the torch of wisdom bursts forth; for what seems dark and bluish-black is really not so when one goes near it, like the ocean in its depth seems dark and bluish-black but take one handful out see it is neither blue nor black at all only a reflection of the sky above which also seems blue and at times covered with dark clouds of all shades but the wind of knowledge, filled in the sail of the minds of the children first by the parents, then strengthened by the love of the Teachers, instilling all those values; removes all doubts and like the Sun it throws light everywhere giving life,making us all Human first and everything else second, to realize and appreciate the value of LIFE, its purpose from whence it comes and to what end it goes.

Such are the emotions aroused in me when I look at this logo...
Suniti Mohindra, Class of 1957